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5 things to remember when choosing your next Chauffeur

Whether you’re looking for private corporate travel, a tailored airport transfer or simply just a professional daily chauffeur, finding the perfect driver can turn out to be a stressful and uncomfortable experience if you fail to do your research. No matter what chauffeur service you choose to opt for, it’s vital that you choose a private driver with a good reputation in terms of reliability, comfort, safety and professionalism – after all, the last thing you want when you’re travelling to that all important business meeting is a driver that’s late, obnoxious and amateurish in their approach..[/vc_column_text]

As Banbury and Oxfordshire's leading provider of chauffeur driven cars, we know exactly what it takes to deliver the very best service to each of our clients, no matter where you're looking to travel. To help you separate the good drivers from the bad ones, we've created a simple checklist of 5 things to look out for when you're booking your next chauffeur to ensure that your journey goes as smoothly as possible:

Find Out if the Chauffeur is a Professional

One of the main factors to look out for when you’re looking to find comfortable and efficient service is to conduct background check about the company and the chauffeur that may be driving you to your next destination.

Firstly, find out how long the chauffeur has been employed, their background in the industry and the training they’ve been provided. Once you know all of this you’ll be better placed to decide whether this particular driver is perfect for you.

Does the Service Provide Flexible Payment Options?

A high-quality service provider will always provide its customers with multiple options for payment rather them forcing them to use a fixed mode of payment. Whilst this may or may not be essential for your own personal requirements, we find that when looking for a chauffeur it shows even more professionalism and flexibility if these options are possible.

Know the Chauffeur Companies safety standards

The next question that you need to ask is whether the company’s vehicles meet the required safety standards as set by the government. Whilst this might be difficult to gauge at first, but it’s always best to ask the organisation whether their cars have undergone the routine inspections and maintenance.

The car you are being provided with must also be equipped with supplies for first aid and must also have the required safety features. Once you’ve done all of that, inspect the vehicle yourself after you get there, and if anything looks at all suspect, don’t let them drive you.

Understand the chauffeur contract

Before you step foot inside a vehicle, it’s important to make sure that you always read the rental contract before signing it. Also, make sure that the company doesn’t have any hidden charges associated with the service. This is extremely important to ensure that you have a relaxed and stress-free journey without any unnecessary worries of extra charges when you arrive at your destination.


Give Highest Priority to Reliability

Although it’s extremely important to make sure that your driver is professional, courteous and offers a luxurious service without reliability your next journey will be nothing but heart ache. Whilst this may sound pretty obvious, it’s essential that you hire a chauffeur who is always on-time, knows the most direct route to your destination and provides a specialist service.If you’re looking to find a chauffeur service that matches each of these 5 requirements, please get in touch on 01295 700046.